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Steak trashing Ovie on 790 the zone


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Steak Shapiro is like a lot of local "sports radio" personalities...

-- He knows absolutely nothing about football, and has probably never played beyond JV (if even that) and yet, he is somehow "qualifed" to criticize men who play it professionally...

-- He THINKS that people find his life interesting (his choice of dinner, where he stayed in Vegas, etc)...

-- He is not from the area, and therefore, has no love for local sports teams

-- He has absolutely no redeeming talent to warrant being on the air...

The only thing that 790 has going for them in the morning is Chris Dimino (a guy who actually knows something about sports).

On 680, Rude and Laurentino aren't exactly "sports" guys either, but at least they can be funny and not obnoxious to listen to on a drive into work...


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That lard a$$ is lucky anyone listens to him at all.....

If Ovie and/or Jim Donnan were on his station he'd be brown nosing to them so much his head would pop out of their mouths.

He was trying to make Jim Donnan look bad by saying he told the team to carry him off the field after his final game in the hawaii bowl. Steak is a idiot but so is John Kincade. They both tic me off some times.

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