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Our D

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d.fox played well yesterday, houston is improving but is inconsistent. it'll be interesting to see what they do next week.

we need a new SS and probably a DT, a new weakside LB, i still say we should re-sign boley, and some depth at DE. anderson is starting to take HUGE steps in the right direction, but we'll need better depth at the position for when he and abe come off the field.

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And we knew that going into this season.

Rebuilding takes time.

THe good news is that we're ahead of schedule on the offensive side of the ball.

BUt I agree. The secondary and DL depth should be addressed in the offseason.

Oh yeah....im happy about where we are in such a quick turnaround, but its loses like this that get me going....we should have had tis game...even without the MUFF.....we left points out on the field

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it will take more time to rebuild the defense than it did the offense..

we need:

2 DT's (1 starter and depth, how long will we continue to play the Grady Jackson game)

2 DE's (depth)


SS (Love you Lawyer but it's time to part ways)

CB (Don't know where to begin with this group)

I don't know what to do with Boley, he's making a strong case to not be here next season. He's been one of the most disappointing players this season.

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Many experts had us winning 3 games this year.

We simply don't have the material yet to compete consistently with the good teams. Give TD 2 more years to solidify the Defense and add depth to the Offense. Sundays have been great this Fall but better things are ahead.

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