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No one should be angry with the teams performance yesterday. its clear to see we got beat..

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by a good group of guys..THE REFS...no knock to brian westbrook, but the refs cost us this game miserably by 2 blown stupid calls. first of all, everyone yea the alledge muffed punt that kept us from going after the go ahead winning touchdown, and the call on milloy that resulted in a 15 yard penalty when he clocked LJ smith..this is the nfl, not pee wee. how does anyone expect milloy to stop his momentum coming full speed?? i bet if LJ makes that catch and gets popped, no flag would be drawn. IT WAS NOT HELMET TO HELMET CONTACT. milloy got him in his upper body, but LJ's head just snapped back like it was helmet to helmet. The exact same play happened in the giants against pittsburgh game, kenny phillips did that exact same thing, yes he got flagged for it, but the commentators of the game were upset saying that was not a penalty. it was a clean hit. its like the nfl gets softer and softer after every sunday. roger goddell sucks. Now, milloy will prolly have to pay a fine, and be labeled by some as a dirty player which in no way he is not..No Fun League..

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