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I hear ya friend. He was hot and then at the same time he just seemed to comical, like he really was lost for words. He sent one of his players to the bench and then sent him to the locker room to shower because he wasn't letting him back in the game because of a foolish penalty.

Because Singletary played for a guy in Mike Ditka who was the same type of coach. I swear I was watching the 2nd coming of Ditka.

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It would be awesome to play for him...he's a coach who's words you would listen to because you know he's been in the trenches, and played at a high level. He knows what it takes to excell.

He isnt a daddy's boy/relative of somebody's aunt's 2nd cousin who is in the NFL at someone elses charity.

He's there because of the blood, sweat, and hard work he put in.

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I like the message. Not sure I agree with the way it was delivered. If a player isn't playing hard, then by all means, bench him, call him out in front of the team, make an example of him in film review, but press-conference rants can hurt the team as much as poor on-field performance.

My question is - now that you've thrown a public tantrum where do you go next week if the team doesn't respond?

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