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NFLN crew thinks roddy should be in the probowl

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Roddy White is a ProBowl receiver.

And so it is time for me to stand up for this guy. I like him really. I loved his play in the rookie season. He got used by Knapp with WR reverses. He had a very good reverse at the dolphins. I do not think, that someone remembering this game. I do.

Because I saw something special in this player. And he got flamed a lot. He should even cut. But he proved so a lot of people wrong. He came back and now he is a special WR. He can toast every CB. He was the only WR, who made a TD against McKenzie of the Saints last season.

And so my point. He was special last year, too. If you put such a season numberwise with these QB-jokes.......(Harrington, leftwich....) you must be a good WR. And he is a very very good WR. Boldin has Fitzgerald on his side. Fitzgerald has Boldin on his side. Wayne has Harrison. Harrions has Wayne. But who has Roddy?

Yes he could have Laurent Robinson, who is a huge talent. But Laurent can stay healthy. So he has nobody else there.....

But he gets open. He makes great catches. If I look back to watching sports, it is so great this guy seeing develop. He is now a ProBowl WR. He can toast every CB in this leauge!

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