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Will Adam Jennings be Returning Punts next week?



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  1. 1. Will Adam Jennings be on the Active Roster Next Week?

    • Yes, he's the best we have
    • No, he is too much of a liability
    • Yes, but he will be in charge of the water supply for the real players

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I know Jennings did not touch the football and the ref blew the call.......but you know what? It was just "pure good luck" that the ball did not hit Jennings - he should have been no where near that ball..........bottom-line, Adam Jennings just does not have the confidence to be an NFL punt returner......I don't know if we have anybody else on the team to do punt returns but if we don't, its time to scour the waiver wire.

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even if you dont include "the punt" from today jennings still has been below average. he sucked today as a return man, he sucked as a wideout. why is this guy on our roster, really?

let HD or somebody else return punts. at least give them a shot in the game. split the returns 50/50, dammit do something because jennings just sucks. there are VERY few on this MB that would disagree w/ me.

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