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Come on guys....


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We all knew this was going to be a TOUGH year, but we have done great! Yes, the refs made some calls that cost us, but that will happen to you when you're the visiting team. Watch ANY game in the NFL, or even the NCAA for that matter. Guys, we are only about 2 players away from being a top tier team. Don't give up!

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im so glad our team doesnt quit anymore. games can take a turn at anytime in the NFL. when it looks like you dont have a chance in **** of coming back, it just may happen....BUT THE TEAM CANNOT QUIT!!!

1,000,000x better than that **** we put on the field last year.

agreed and you know coach Smith looked PO'ed in his post game. I am willing to beat the defense will be looking for blood next week. And lots of it.

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