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i was saying all off season & leading up till the season that i didnt care if we matched our win total of last year as long as we got better every week & gained respect around the league(we have been a laughing stock to long)...no more of you only have one player,no more of all your good players are hurt, no more of your coach(s)are college coaches , or 'players coaches"from other fans....well ....guess what...after mr blank learned to hire football people & let them do their job, we now have a gm that seems like hes a genius at evaluating talent, a head coach that is as passionate as any in the league & knows how to treat men & still hold them accountable....after only 7 games(actually less)our atlanta falcons are getting some respect & not being laughed at anymore.....not just because we are winning, but because we are rebuilding the right way & are playing within our scheme & coaching our young players like pros should be coached & its coming together....this team could mentioned as a dynasty in 5-10 years & for all us long time fans, it would be worth everything we have endured as falcons fans.....thats why we have never waivered......RESPECT is the key to being feared

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