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Why don't we just become the Patriots?


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We have depth at WR...

we are angry. That is how the Patriots were the dominating team they were last year. Brady to Moss took over the league because they didn't care. Nobody but Patriot fans liked them and they fed off of that. They went out there and didn't care to conserve clock...they wanted to crush you.

Go 4/5 wide almost every play... go for it on 4th and 1...get angry. We have the perfect quarterback to operate the same style of football.

The Patriots defense is worse than ours, IMO. Especially now that they are somewhat depleted. They didn't rely on their defense last year to be the team they were, they are showing that now without Brady.

Let's play angry. Today is the perfect way to set the tone.

Roddy - Jenkins - Douglas - Laurent - Finneran - Norwood can all go out as WRs... cut Jennings.

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