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We never ran to the right

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With baker out and weiner in, why did we run to that side every play. We still had our starting lineup on the right side of the line, yet we never tried to run behind them, always to weiners side. we didn't try any real pitches to norwood or to try and get him the ball in space.

and of course, we know the no huddle offense works well. Yet we don't break it out until the end of the game when we have to.

I'm very dissapointed in murlarkey and his play calling and game plan offensively for this game

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we have to

A) stop with the end arounds

B) reestablish the power running game

C) dont put so much pressure on Ryan even though he is performing beyond his years

D) figure out how to tackle....not a good problem to have AFTER YOUR BYE WEEK

E) get healthy! 2 weeks off and i think we're as unhealthy as ever this year! unbelievable what were these guys doing over the break.

FOCUS ON FOOTBALL. stupid mistakes

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