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WE WERE WINNING THAT GAME IF Matt Ryan got his hands on the ball

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that was some total bull**** jennings didnt even touch the ball man, matt would of had another comeback, he was starting to figure that defense out and one bad *** call messed it all up for us, i feel sorry for oakland cause we will be pissed and looking to take it out on someone

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He at least deserved a shot at it. I haven't been this pissed off about a game in a long time. I am really contemplating hunting that ref down and killing him myself right now. Shouldn't be hard to do with all the information on the internet.

let me know if you find that scumbag cause I would be willing to murk that mother ****er and do time as long as I get to watch the Falcons every sunday I will sign a sealed confessions that I killed that piece of **** just send me to a prison where I can watch Falcons football every sunday

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