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Whose to Blame?

Who gets in the doghouse?  

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  1. 1. Who do you blame for the "muffed" punt call?

    • The Refs
    • Adam Jennings
    • Both, refs and jenning
    • Mike Smith
    • All of the above

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There are so many people that can be blamed for this "muffed" punt.

The announcers claim that Smith should not have taken that T.O. with 2:31. I disagree I think he used his t.o. in the proper time.

The referees clearly missed that call and should have at least consulted with each other.

You can argue that Adam Jennings should have caught the ball, but you can also argue if he tried to catch the ball he may have fumbled.

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I voted "all of the above".

Adam Jennings made another stupid play giving the refs a chance to blow the call.

The refs for blowing the call.

And Mike Smith (thou I think he's doing a great job overall) for allowing Jennings to even be on the team, much less return punts.

Jennings has played 23 games with the Falcons now and has shown without a doubt that he doesn't belong in the NFL.

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both but I'm more pissed about the stupid rules than Jennings right now.

The current rules are saying a coach must only use 2 timeouts a half because the ref's might **** up.

If everyone knows there's this huge possibility that the ref's will **** up, replay needs to be a standard. <_<

Exactly. Replay needs to be done in the NFL the same way college does it.

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Be for real. Jennings was doing what he suppose to do, and Mike Smith made the right call with the timeout. The refs need to do something besides wait on a review or challenge. If all of the refs do agree, then they need to discuss and make the right call. I can understand a bad call, like holding etc, but a possession change kills a game. They should be fined.

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I put both, but I'm more upset w/Jennings. Maybe my anger is misdirected since the man is just trying to earn a paycheck. Maybe I should really be mad at his bosses who keep him around when they know he's more of a liability than an asset. If there was ever any doubt about that, it should have been completely erased today.

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both the refs and Jennings. if Jennings was any good at all, he would have either caught the ball or just stay away. not decided to go for it then back off giving the refs an opportunity to screw us over. but Jennings being the crap that he is, the refs should still use their eyes and see that he never touched the ball. this ruins the rest of my weekend. now i get to go back to my dorm and study for a midterm. this weekend sucked

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the people that make the decisions can be held responsible for their decisions.

The refs.

I don't care if it was bad judgement to go up to attempt to catch the ball and then see that it was too dangerous with defenders breathing down your neck, and back away with only a few inches to spare.

The system is broke, and if you watched the game, its obvious.

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