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I have two problems with the OC


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1- Clock management at the end of the 2 quarter

We are awful at the the end of the 2nd quarter. We were awful against the Lions, we were awful today

We call pass plays when we must eat the clock. Why?

2- Why should we keep calling passing plays in the redzone when we have Mughelli and Turner?. 2 and goal on the 1 yard line: NO WAY I'D CALL a PASS. I don't even think the Colts would call a pass against a good defense like the Eagles. We needed to score. We didn't want a turnover. Please...

The INT against the Packers, when we needed to eat the clock in their redzone

These coaches keep calling passing plays in the red zone. it's just dumb. They are exposing Ryan and trying to ruin our chances...

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