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Ten years ago something similar to this game happened.


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Now the weeks are a little off here because that game was in week 10 and this is week 8 but it works for me. Back then the Falcons were 6-2 but giving our less than stellar past people were still wondering that cliche question, "are they for real?" We were going to New England who like Philly had a lesser record than ours (5-3) but people still felt like NE was going to win the game.

We won that game 41-10 and in my opinion that is where the Dirty Bird was really born at. OJ Santiago scored a TD and the bird was recognized. The bigger and more important point is however that the Falcons were a confident team before that game but after that game they took it to another level. From there on out that team walked out onto the field and believed that they were going to win and they did from there on out.

The same thing can happen again today. If we go into Philly and win it's going to do a whole lot for our confidence and when you get a young team playing with confidence that can be a nightmare in the NFC. No team has proven that they are far superior to anyone else in this conference and combine that with a possible confidence booster and it could be an interesting ten year anniversary of what we did in 1998.

It wont be long now until we know.

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