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Just drove 10 hrs to Philly

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i will be there too. as a philly native i want to tell you to becareful. they have cracked down on the violence and such at the link but philly fans are crazy. i like to compare them to english houligans.

Nothing a good baseball bat to the side of the head cant take care of.

Philly fans are little girls. Show them what the ATL is about.

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Quote from NJ Falcon Fan, i'm 90 mins away from philly in hoboken, nj and im not even going...... SCUM of the earth those philly fans... keep an eye on your wife too man... theyre such worms over there that women and children are not "off limits" to not just verbal but physical abuse too....

good luck man. Don't be an ***. I've been going to Eagles games for years and it's way over hyped. Yes they do get loud and talk a lot of smack but there is no jail in the linc and if you talk smack back you'll have a good time. The Linc is one of the nicest stadiums in the league have a good time. Definetly go to Pat's steaks and then Geno's steaks, believe me it's everything you've heard

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