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Finally got my Falcons jerseys!


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Being an overseas Falcons (Football) fan isn't easy. Getting games is difficult and expensive if you decide to go the legal route. Getting NFL gear of your favorite team is even harder. I've been a Falcons fan since I was 6 years old (I am 22 now - Became a fan back in 1992 when I was living down in Miami and I went to the Falcons @ Dolphins game) and I've always supported my Falcons proudly. I have introduced some of my friends to the NFL, trying to get more people here in Holland into the game, and I've done so with mild success.

Now I've been wanting a jersey for a long time. The thing is, I don't have a credit card and nor do I want one. So it was incredibly difficult for me to get a jersey. About 10 days ago I've found a vendor on eBay who supports paying through PayPal. I immediately ordered myself a black Matt Ryan jersey and a throw back Jesse Tuggle jersey (black also). I received both in the mail today. It cost me a few bucks with the shipping and all, but I couldn't be happier! Now I am looking forward to visiting Atlanta in the near feature and going to a Falcons game!

Pardon the rant, I just had to share this with people who actually understand my passion!

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Thank you man for being an awesome fan and supporting the falcons over there in Holland!! Hope you enjoy your jerseys and I hope you can come over to ATL soon and scream for our birds with us bro! :)

Thank you for the props! It sometimes isn't easy being a football fan. Most people here just look at you weird when you arrive happily at work because your Falcons won. I am currently looking into going to the Bucs game, but I have a feeling it's going to be hard getting tickets for that game.

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