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"The Matt Ryan Effect"

The Real GM

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Matt Ryan loves the game, unlike Atlanta's prior QB he has coach-ability.This kid is poised as a 10 year veteran scanning the field checking off at the line NOTICE people I said audible at an early age in his career he is not just a field general managing the game. The "Wonder Kid" has the mind of a Peyton and the Clam of a Brady he is for-real.

Roddy White's emergence to NFL dominance ? He would have been here had we retained a Coach instead of a public relations friend in Jim Mora. Jim Mora ******** Micheal Vick's progression as an NFL Elite Quarterback no longer was the Franchise Interested in a Super Bowl when the acquired this "Player's Coach".

Roddy is a Brutal beast his strength to dominate the bump-n-run coverage Matt Ryan's success proves he has been opened just "VICK" was a ****** he ran because his offense was catering to his run ability rather than provide hm the Offensive-Line to develop into a pass run combo. Matt gives the offensive that Dual threat "HEY I'm not VICK I am RYAN Watch me "pick yo *** apart".

Turner the Burner you are a Star". You are everything we hoped for you wear down defenses causing traffic jams on opposing players "heart". His Lateral ability is in question Why Burner are you not bouncing to the outside. You and Jerious are causing havoc around the league we need more of them in the Pass Game.

Philly Game ....."Burner should be effective" 2 Weeks to prepare Van-Gorder "Can we please get a blitz"..Marlarkey :"Trust in the ICE he is cold" The "Champ" is going to get hit get up kid and burn there *** go five-shotgun let the Kid hum dat **** down the field. We have Laurent Robbison, Micheal Jenkins ,Roddy White, Henry Douglass, Jennings even Norwood and Turner can get in the slot at times.

"This coaching staff has been ATLANTA's turn around we have students of there craft at the helm of the organization we have COACHE'S that dissect film day and night addicted to there love the coaches respect the prior accomplishment of these players as men and no the basic needs to fundamental hard-nose tough football they honor there players and the have an GM that is in the prime of his profession. He has already accomplished the impossible though by many even I. Thanks for a turn around from the **** of the league to the cream of the crop."

Lawyer Keep rocking heads contract please Seattle next year.

Boley he can move to weak side and get a beast for the Will. "Aaron Curry" Wake Forest NCAA #59

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"How outstanding is Lofton" another Dimtroff move so far ha passed the test. Let's Beast up Houston get your head turned faster an Grimes do I see Prow Bowl.

"MATT U AT HOME show the "WORLD" what u made of "

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Nothing like being loud AND wrong!

According to an article I read, Matty only audibles if the plays have been set up in advance.

It's not like he's "winging it".

Well to be fair how many QB's are "winging it" with plays that haven't been set up in advance? I doubt any, at least any that I've seen. Ryan is given options. He sees the defense and uses his options to call the play he feels has the best chance of being successful. In all, what we're talking about is audibling. Ryan has done very well calling the right plays although he's just a rookie.

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