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Ryan's work ethic rubbing off?

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I didn't watch this kid at BC so I first heard of him during the draft. What was repeated is his "Manning-like work ethic; studying game film and putting in a lot of hours off the practice field."

I continue to hear this about Ryan (and that's a good thing) but I also hear that this kid is a leader. I'm just connecting the dots here, but does his tenacity for studying film and doing his proverbial football homework rub off on other players?

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Looks like it, he already made Roddy better

True. Roddy really made his improvement last year (and with that squad, that is really saying something).

We'll see sunday how well they were studying when we go up against that eagles defense

Yeah, I'm looking for adjustments and strategies in that game; red-zone, our defense, and how Ryan handles the blitz/coverage. I suspect we'll still be running slants on the Eagles.

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Well as the leader of the team I don't see how his work ethic could not rub off on other teammates. They are all very competitive people just by the nature of their jobs, and I doubt any of them want's to be considered a "slacker." So it seems reasonable that they would all pick up their preparation like their starting QB does.

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