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may need to listn to this guy

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Falcons should draft Ryan, but likely won’t

By Mark Bradley | Thursday, April 17, 2008, 10:51 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I believe the Falcons have a clever general manager who will do well in this draft and every draft.

I believe Thomas Dimitroff and his chosen coach have history on their side when they speak of building a foundation. I believe they will, for that reason, draft a lineman with their first pick in Round 1.

Me, I’d take Matt Ryan.

Because, for all the Round 1 quarterbacks who’ve been Grade A busts, the quarterback remains the most important position in football. Just because Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch and Akili Smith and Alex Smith and Cade McNown failed doesn’t necessarily mean Matt Ryan will. I think he’ll be really good. I maintain he’s the best pure passer I’ve ever seen as a collegian, and I covered my first college game in 1976.

If the Falcons wind up with Glenn Dorsey or either of the Longs, I won’t pitch a fit. I’ll understand what they’re trying to do, and ordinarily what they’re trying to do would warrant the (not-exactly-coveted) Bradley Seal of Approval. But if Ryan’s available at No. 3, and he surely will be, that would change the dynamics, at least in my mind. He seems the sort of quarterback - big, strong, smart, gifted - who could one day win a Super Bowl. And the three most recent Super Bowls were won by …

Ben Roethlisberger, taken with the 11th pick of Round 1 in 2004;

Peyton Manning, taken with the 1st pick of the 1998 draft;

Eli Manning, taken with the 1st pick of the 2004 draft.

And, since no discussion of the Falcons and their quarterbacks can exclude you-know-who, I’ll just note that Michael Vick, for all his sins, nonetheless took this franchise to the NFC championship game four years after he was drafted No. 1 overall.

As the 2008 draft approaches, I hear people saying, “You can’t draft a quarterback that high.” Sure you can. If he’s the right quarterback, it’s the soundest investment possible.

At issue is whether Matt Ryan would be the right quarterback. I think he is, but I’m not Thomas Dimitroff, who makes his living passing such judgments. I await his decision on this weighty matter with great interest.

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Hope you dont mind me posting this for you

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Well we all know we haven't had alot to be proud of over the years. We have had alot of great times and moments etc, but this man can find a problem in this team and drag it in the mud so deep you'd need a 4x4 to get it out. He sucks at 99% of the chit he talks about. All the negativity has to bring down the players and fans, no matter how professional you are.

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I think TD snookered all the Draft Day Gm's by indicating a lineman, so Parcells grabbed up Jake Long before Draft Day, the St Louis Lambs grabbed up the #1 DE in Chris Long, that left Mr Dimitroff holding Matt Ryan uncontested.

The coin flip confirmed that we didn't have to do a trade up for Matt.

Taking Michael Turner in FA guaranteed us that we could look away from DMac, whew!

We signed the better of the RB's abvailable when we got Turner.

Had we lost that coin toss we may have lost Matt Ryan.

Dimitroff stayed cool, wow, McKay would have never signed Ryan or Mike Smith! Scary thoughts huh?

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