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Mike Nolan


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Figures - 49ers should definitely have a better record than they have had over the past few years. They have the talent in place to be a very solid team, but just didn't seem to respond to Nolan.

Strikes me as sort of odd though that they would replace him with Singleatry, especially considering they have a very good head coach on staff in Martz...

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thats true in a way but 49'ers ruled during the non salary cap era and ever since Ed DeBartolo left ownership they never been the same


Ever since his sister and brother in law "stole" the organization away - it's been downhill. There have even been pleas by the local sportswriters, fans, everyone - please give your brother back his team - but they are ****-bent on destroying the 49ers.

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Singletary will finally get his chance at being a HC...I hope he does excellent...and I wish him the best against any team except ours!:)

Well, for all who were campaigning for Singletary to get the ATL job; now is the chance to see if he has the chops to be a HC. Loved him as a player, and wish him success. Some guys are just better as assts., so he has a good chance to prove himself.

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