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My PS3 is BACK!

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Well, so far the process has been pretty painless. I was only without my ps3 about 1 1/2ish. Got it back today. Downloaded 2.5 updated. And now having to go through and redownload all my purchased games....theres a lot.

Also going to download the new Motorstorm demo.

Did I see Rock Band 2 has trophy support????? If so, that is pretty sweet.

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yeah, i got my first ps3 trophy on rock band 2 today. that's awesome... i wonder, could you have kept your harddrive during the repair process so that you wouldn't have to redownload everything?

i didnt ask, but i finished most of Metal Gear, and almost all of RB1, plus my son did have almost all of SW lego done...oh well.

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