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Another Dirty Team


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A number of posters know my feeling about dirty play, but after Pittsburgh's action

this season, they've got to be amongst the leagues worst offenders.

Hines Ward might not have drawn a flag, although his hit on Keith Rivers was at River's blind side,

a few more inches and it would have been in the back. As it was he broke Rivers jaw.

Oh and it was interesting that Troy P. got the worse part from his attempt to helment to helment of Cedric Benson. This after his stupid comments last week.

Both should now face further fines and suspensions. Professional football is dangerous enough without

attempting to blatantly trying injure someone.

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The Steelers do what Coach Smith wants our O-Line to focus on: play until the whistle blows. Rivers got smashed but that's football. If he got chopped or clipped, that would be one thing, but he didn't. IMO, the hit that Warren Sapp laid on that Packer blocker several years ago was over the line because the blocker wasn't in the play or in position to do anything. I didn't think last Sunday's lick was quite the same or as bad. But anybody who doesn't know where Hines Ward is on a play must have forgotten that he's playing the Steelers.

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he dishes out some great blocks and takes some real hard hits too. the guy has alot of swagger and intensity. hes a loyal player to his teammates. cant ask for anything more. he never ask for the limelight, just goes out and plays.

totalbirdbrain, didnt i beat you last week in our fantasy football league? total domination? heh

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