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I just want to make a point clear before I bet burned. I love the fact that we got Turner, but I wa just wondering why we havent utilized Norwood with all his tallent. Is it because he is not a very good blocker? If that is the case then I can accept that, but why not put him in punt returns? He has speed and good moves. Just a late night thought can't sleep.

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Norwood is not returning punts because of the risk of getting injured. He is better at returning kicks and while in college had trouble with muffing punts (if I remember correctly). I think at this moment our coaching staff is still trying to come up with ways to get him the ball more. We are just in a great position right. We have a lot of weapon: Turner, Norwood, Roddy, Jenkins (never thought I would say that), Ovie, Douglas and Laurent.

Just be patient. He will get his touches. This staff will make sure he stays fresh to spell Turner and be successful.

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Norwood is our best tool for changing the complexion and pace of the game. I think Smith & Co. are using him the best possible way; change of pace, gadget plays, and kick returns.

Defenses do not know what to do when he is in there, because they have no idea what he is going to be doing. He could run the ball, throw the ball, hand off, etc.

Keep using him how we are, thats what I say. Let Smith and the boys see if they find any more hidden talents in him.

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