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Keith Rivers out for year


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If I remember right it was a block Hines Ward put on Rivers. Kind of vicious but I couldn't tell if it was helmet to helmet but there was no flag at all so.......? Look like just a hard hit to me but I don't know. It just seems like there are so many injuries lately. Sucks but I guess that's the game.

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Or not haha here.


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Do the bengals ever have any luck with their Lb's??

As far as those top LB's from Georgia, then it looks like yes. Man, Rivers was a beast too.

And yeah, I heard that Rivers broke his jaw when he landed. OUCH!

I'm also thumbing through the draft. If Ryan keeps it up, he has to be a top 3 for ROY. Chris Johnson of the Titans has to be a serious contender. Maybe Mayo for NE. But looking at that list, a bunch of those guys have been injured. DeSean Jackson should be up there, along with Eddie Royal. Just knowing that no lineman (except an exceptional DE) really opens it up for either Lofton or Ryan. If Ryan can keep his game up, I would like to say he should walk away with ROY.

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