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Reshad Jones takes away another.


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Reshad Jones takes away another


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Saturday, October 18, 2008

You can call safety Reshad Jones anything you want — prescient, psychic, clairvoyant. But mainly you could call him satisfied after Georgia’s 24-14 win over Vanderbilt.

Early this week Jones found himself answering questions about the Bulldogs’ lack of takeaways this season. That’s when he made a prediction.

“I think we’ll get a couple of more chances this week and we’re going to make the best of them,” Jones said.

At least he got the first part of that right. Jones’ diving catch of a ball batted into the air by CJ Byrd was the first of two interceptions for the Bulldogs on Saturday. Both led to Georgia touchdowns.

“They put the ball up and we took advantage of it today, just like I told y’all this week,” said Jones, a sophomore from Atlanta. “There was a need for turnovers. Coach [Willie] Martinez has been preaching about turnovers all week. I think we did a pretty good job of coming up with them today but we should have had at least five.”

Or six, depending on whom one asks.

Jones got his hands on another ball late in the fourth quarter but couldn’t hang on. Cornerback Asher Allen had one hit him in the chest though he was moving full speed at the sideline. Linebacker Darius Dewberry thought he should have had two rather than one and cornerback Vance Cuff had one hit him in the gut.

“We probably should have had six at least,” Byrd said. “We got our hands on a lot of balls. A lot of guys dropped balls. We’ve got to catch those.”

That had been the M.O. on the Bulldogs coming in. They had just three interceptions in the first six games and came in next to last in the SEC with six takeaways.

“I had our defensive coaches look this week to see how many balls hit our hands that we should have had and I think it was six,” coach Mark Richt said. “I think we might have had three more this game.”

It’s a start.

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