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“Dirty Bird" offense


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Must have been because the Pooley Hubert I knew was one of bear Bryants asst coaches during the good ole days of the bear. ;)

I was wrong , i just saw Pooley Huberts JR picture, with bear bryant it is my friends Dad. ;) He lived in Roswell. His Dad was old as he-ll compared to our ages. ;) he had told his dad was affilated with Alabama and I saw all the memrobilia and I about fell down. Becuase he knew bear Bryan well according to my friend. ;)

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We did direct snaps to a RB for 6 years. We just haven't done it much in the past 2.

yea, although I really like those fake-plays... our WR reverse with HD doesn't work anymore so we need to mix it up a little. Just remember Norwood's run in the Bears game, that was amazing and worked to perfection!

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Just to clear up all this confusion the single wing formation was created by Pops Warner when he coached at an Indian school in Pennsylvania. He was a coach at UGA before that and I did some research on him when I was in College. I don't remember the year, but it was either the very late 1890's or very, very early 1900's.

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