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Roddy's contract

big boss

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Well If Roddy continues this pace I think TD will lock him up in the offseason similar to, Lee Evans four-year contract extension worth $37.25 million, Probably abit lower than that but If he puts consecutive 1200+ yds seasons he will probably looking for lee Evans type money, a 4 year deal would be nice as that would keep him with us till he is 31, I think he turns 27 this season.

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CONTRACT INFO: 7/31/2005: Signed a five-year, $7.3 million contract

its up after next year. i think he gets resigned anywhere from late this season to early next season. i dont think we'll wait until the last second.

I'm sure the FO knows you can't let a WR of this quality get away. I would be happy with an Evans type of contract, I just know that he is not going to come cheap. Something around Evans/Roy Williams. I hope it's less, but we can't let him go because we don't want to pay $9 million a year.

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