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I guess it was only a matter of time before Eleven11 chimed in on the 11 seconds. 11 is my lucky number. Ever since I was very young the number has followed me everwhere....basketball, baseball, football, fraternity. I also like the number because 11 is suppose to be 1 above ten (the rest). Supposedly. Anyways, I noticed that I always catch the clock when it's 11:11 am or pm. Lastly, now that I'm in business I can say with some amusement that large deals and transactions have come at 11:11.

Now that you've read my history of the number here's what I think..

That game against the Bears was a defining moment for this franchise. Those 11 seconds have made this season worthwhile. I hope that this game is cemented into the players all season long so they remember they can overcome all odds if they stick together and complete their task! TASK MASTERS haha.

The T-Shirt should read on the back....

You have :11


I'll buy one :D

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Sheik, with all due respect, I'm not sure you know what you are talking about.

In addition to the Road Victory over #8 Virgnia Tech (their only Thursday night loss ever at Lane Stadium) which you mention above, Ryan threw for over 400 yards against a Top 15 Georgia Tech team that was supposed to have the best defense in the country (under John Tenuta).

He also beat Clemson three times (including twice at Clemson) when the Tigers were a top 15 team.

Ryan also led the Eagles to a 22-3 win over Virginia Tech in 2006 (VT is 16-2 all time in ACC road games).

Ryan and the Eagles also won a road victory in 2006 over FSU in their "Black Out" game.

Matt Ryan was an INCREDIBLE college QB with less talent to work with than most of the other Heisman candidates.

If you have any question about his heart or leadership, take a look at the video below:

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This is one of the biggest hits you will ever see in College football.

Ryan missed ONE PLAY . . . . . while they put his helmet back together.

All he did after that was lead the team to a 3 point victory, in overtime, on the road, against a Top 15 Clemson Team.

Matt Ryan has been Matt Ryan for a long time.

Go Falcons.

he was not an incredible college QB man, most of those teams were not real. The GT & VT games were his only real defenses.

again he has been Phenomenal with us though which is all that matter at that point.

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