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The Falcons need a weekly state wide Coaches show


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In case the FO don't know this, South Georgia Falcon Fans are being "recruited heavily" by the Jaguars.

The Savannah TV stations have a weekly Jack DelRico Coaches show.

I feel sure that the Jag Front Office is attempting to steal away Falcon Fans with a much closer NFL franchise in Jacksonville.

From where I live, I drive a 500 mile round trip to see the Falcons play each home game. There is no statewide Falcon TV Show that I know of, possibly something local in ATL but as the Falcon Front Office attempts to keep us locked into the Falcons week to week through the season a statewide TV Coaches show will stimulate Siouth , Middle and North Georgia vs letting Jag Fever catch on. Out of sight, out of mind.

I'd be willing to bet that neighboring states would be interestd in carrying a Falcon Coaches Show.

Even Georgia Southern has a weekly TV Coaches show, they always have, they keep the fan's interest at a peak..

I get that blooming Jack DelRico Coaches Show and so far have not watched it.

My question is this.

Would the Falcon Fans support a weekely Falcon Coaches TV Show?

Who is down with asking for a weeklly Mike Smith Show?

ps: don't sit still and let Jacksonville steal all of South Georgia's Falcon Fans, the Jags are 150 miles closer, one way.

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