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don't forget about the O-line


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The O-Line position is one of the most over looked positions in all of sports.I was just reading stats,and we haven't given up a sack in two games.Very impressive for a supposedly makeshift line with a rookie tackle whos arms are supposed to be too short for him to be effective in the NFL.Yeah Matt,Roddy,Turner,and all our other stars are pleying well,but it wouldn't happen without our great OL!Props to them,they are the real team MVPs!

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You're right, and the O-Line needs their props. But they wouldn't look as good if Harrington was still at Quarterback. So the other additions need the credit too. The pieces have come together to make a formidable TEAM. Not just the O-Line, Matt, Roddy, Turner, or Abraham each. But, together, these pieces work great.

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Paul Boudreau and Harvey Dahl and the whole O-Line....Paul has brought in a solid blocking scheme and has made this O-Line a unit...Harvey Dahl has brought swagga to this O-Line.... This O-Line has a rep of being aggressive/nasty...... When have the Atlanta Falcons O-Line ever been mention as aggressive and nasty

Sam Baker: An Amazing Pass Blocker and is a very Good run Blocker.... The Franchise LT every good Franchise needs.. (23 years old)

Justin Blalock: Blalock is receving the less props but dude has been great at all facets of his game.. Blalock is truning into the probowl type guard that we thought he would be ..(24 years old)

Todd McClure: The most under-rated Center in football period....at McClure's salary.... We will have a great and cheap center (32 years old.....McClure salary 2008: $1.3 million, 2009: $1.4 million, 2010: $1.6 million, 2011: $1.7 million)

Harvey Dahl: This guy has been a HUGE surprise.... His aggressiveness is perfect for a guard...Dude has been GREAT (27 years old)

Tyson Clabo: Clabo has been amazing this year.... Clabo shut down Kampman and Adewale Ogunleye in back to back games.... Clabo played lights out last year and has done the same this year.... (turned 27 years old today)

We need to keep this unit together......

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