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eagles vs falcons

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Do we know what the status is for Westbrook? Bc if he is not playing this game will be almost even.

All I have heard is that Westbrook has the cracked ribs. With only three weeks to recover, he's likely doubtful, but Burckhalter is a great replacement, so it doesn't really matter to me.

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Well I dont feel like going to look for the correct stats but without Westbrook the Eagles have a dismal record. BuckHalter is not nearly the total back Westbrook is. He can run the ball, but his pass protection and route running skills dont come close.

I think West will most likely play, but I think a couple hard tackles and those ribs will start coming back to haunt him. I see him starting the game, but not finishing it.

Andy Reid should be smart and keep him out another week anyway. You cant rush cracked ribs, especially when your jub is to run through the tackles.

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IMO to accomplish this would be to keep our D off the field as much as possible,

so as to keep our DB's Legs fresh as possible.

To accomplish this we need to establish the RUN (Thunder and Lightning)

This should keep the DB's Honest and increase our passing percentages,

and keep the game tight.

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