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Anyone else played Blitz 2 yet

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Ok so last blitz game the Washington Redhawks we're led by a flashy scrambling QB named Ron Mexico of coarse after the whole Michael Vick debacle, Mexico is no longer, in the prison game durine the franchise however he does apper as Mike Mexico the QB of the opposing prison team. There are 2 new teams, and most the teams are of funny origin names, the New York Nightmare take there name from a serial killer, the Clevland Steemers see if you can't figure that out.

But up here in Canada, we just expanded a new semi-pro team joined a US league, I'm not sure of the name.

However our team is the B.C. (VANCOUVER) Spartans.

If you goto the Vancouver Spartans (it's one of the expanded 2 teams) there logo, colors and jersey are an exact match to the new team.

So if you live in Atlanta, Is there an Atlanta 404 (might even be in the easter confrence of that same league) and if so do they share jerseys with the video game team?

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