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Brother says Tommy Bowden 'deserved' to be fired


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Brother says Tommy Bowden ‘deserved’ to be fired

McClatchy Newspapers

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Amid the clamor suggesting Clemson’s Tommy Bowden got what he deserved in making college football’s earliest coaching exit since 2003 came a rather intriguing voice from the wilderness. His brother.

“He deserved it because he, of all people, knew what to expect when he got into this business,” Terry Bowden wrote in his weekly Yahoo.com comments.

Hmmm, might be interesting around Ann Bowden’s table at the next family get-together.

Terry explained that growing up as the sons of Bobby Bowden, it became clear early on that there’s an expectation of success that must be met. And that never happened at Clemson.

In four of the past five seasons, the Tigers have spun their wheels at eight or nine wins. Some years they started out slow and finished fast. In others, they started fast and staggered.

Saddled as the favorite in a weak ACC this year, an opening loss to Alabama was compounded by stumbles vs. Maryland and Wake Forest.

“Clemson expects to win the conference championship every once in a while — and they should,” Terry Bowden said. “After 10 years of falling short, they deserve the right to try and find a coach they believe can get them there.”

By the way, there’s some funky synergy to be found in Tommy’s farewell and Terry’s abrupt resignation from Auburn a decade ago.

— Both took their leave six games into the season.

— The departures came almost exactly 10 years apart — Tommy on Oct. 13 and Terry on Oct. 23, 1998.

— They left programs nicknamed Tigers, with orange as their color.

— Both schools appointed former Alabama assistants as interim coach — Bill Oliver taking over for Terry, Dabo Swinney for Tommy.

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