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The Red Sox is about to lose


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Maddon made the worst managerial move i have ever seen in this game. How could he leave Balfour in there to face Ortiz? He was throwing one pitch all night, so everyone in the building knew that a fastball was coming. He had Howell and Price in the pen, bring in a lefty to face Ortiz! Its common ****in sense!!! I knew before a pitch was even thrown in that AB that Ortiz would hit a home run.

There are 2 other people who have to take a large part of the blame too. Carlos Pena and Gabe Gross. First off, that was the was the worst throw ive seen in a long time, it bounced before the infield. He would have had him easily with even a decent throw. Then there was the game winning"hit" that was a routine fly ball. there is no excuse to not catch that ball!

Then there is Pena. That throw by longoria bounced right where you want it to as a first baseman. that is an easy play to make, it actually may have been one of those situations where you intentionally bounce it far away from the bag so he can make an easy play on it. High school kids catch that ball.

overall it was just a pathetic effort by the rays. too bad red sox "fans" jumped off the bandwagon and left before they could see the comeback.

I was watching the game at a bar in a Boston suburb and we saw 4 different people come in during the game who were at the game and left. the sox have such a pathetic fan base.

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