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Just for the CWM haters on this board....


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Here are our first offensive drives in CWM's meltdown vs WVU in the '06 Sugar Bowl:

15:00 1 01:10 GA 20 3 4 Punt

12:12 1 03:12 GA 20 5 6 Punt

06:27 1 00:13 GA 20 2 6 Fumble

04:27 1 02:05 GA 20 7 30 Fumble

Here are our 2nd half offensive possessions in CWM's meltdown vs UT in '06:

15:00 3 00:29 GA 6 2 5 Interception

11:47 3 05:06 GA 11 11 72 Field Goal Good

02:44 3 01:59 GA 20 3 7 Interception

14:18 4 01:02 GA 6 3 2 Punt (block/resulted in UT touchdown)

08:15 4 01:11 GA 36 4 8 Fumble

02:55 4 00:34 GA 30 5 11 Interception

Here's how our offense started out in CWM's meltdown at UT last year...

15:00 1 01:07 GA 20 3 2 Punt

08:44 1 03:26 GA 25 6 18 Punt

02:59 1 02:34 GA 24 3 -4 Punt

14:50 2 01:43 GA 21 3 3 Punt

09:24 2 01:11 GA 16 3 9 Punt

06:41 2 01:36 GA 35 3 -2 Punt

03:30 2 02:17 GA 32 6 16 Punt

Here's how the offense started in CWM's meltdown vs Bama this year...

08:32 1 02:52 GA 24 5 29 Punt

00:49 1 01:13 GA 28 3 1 Punt

11:58 2 02:23 GA 22 3 37 Fumble

06:47 2 02:12 GA 20 3 10 Punt

01:25 2 01:15 GA 43 5 22 Interception

15:00 3 03:53 GA 27 7 47 Field Goal Good

09:19 3 01:04 GA 25 3 -2 Punt

Love ya, God Bless ya, Good Night. ;)

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Why are u giving us UGAs offensive numbers trying to back up our defensive coordinator. I mean his numbers are ok but he doesnt have "it" and definately not the scheme for the SEC. but again CWM is defensive coordinator, i get defense gets on field too much, buts thts not the problem. BLITZ SOMEONE. I mean Curran is a beast and only gets to blitz if were up 10

Um, he's finished 5th, 3rd, and 3rd his first 3 yers overall on D in the SEC, and it's the same scheme Van GOrder ran..

DOn't blame me for using facts. Seems I struck a nerve and you don't know how to respond to them . But it's like that on every MB.

And newsflash genius, if you blitz all the time, you leave yourself vulnerable somewhere else in the defense. Usually the secondary. You blitz all the time, you get burned. Simple as that.

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I'll give you some leeway with this Bama game as we gave them the short field on their 2nd and 3rd drives (FG, TD) due to horrendous punts, etc. However, that Sugar Bowl against WV is another story entirely. It was just another example of him not adjusting until they put up 28 points. All he had to do was watch a game of that team under White at that time and know that regardless of the 3 and 4 wide sets, they weren't going downfield...they were running. Same thing when we lost to Florida in Meyer's 1st year...we got ready to see the spread but at that point that offense wasn't working with Leak so they changed it up going into that game. I remember one of the players on D saying, "We prepared for the spread all week but we didn't see it." So why did it take Martinez so long to change his gameplan? Even this year, our LBs getting beat by the SC WR converted into a TE but he kept the coverage the same.

Our struggles aren't all his fault, but we've taken a step back with him.

Sidebar: I'm not trying to talk bad about the man...I'm sure he does the best he can...but be honest Pit...do you know him personally or you just feel he gets a raw deal?

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No worries now.. We have our one big yearly meltdown already so the rest of the year should be AOK.

Let's hope so...I know Dannell is out this week but he could be back next week (not to make excuses, but he did miss pretty much all the Bama game), Southerland back, Durham in a couple weeks hopefully, the O-line playing better...

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