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Madden '09 Roster Update/Player Ranking Update

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I think the comments are interesting too.

The eighth roster update for Madden 09 is slated to release tomorrow (10/16)

Players Ranking up....

CB Brent Grimes – Falcons – 77 to 78 – Has emerged as Atlanta’s best corner after being called up off the practice squad end of last season.

DT Grady Jackson – Falcons – 80 to 82 – The Atlanta run defense was once a gaping hole up the middle, now the run defense is a somewhat respectable 20th.

LT Sam Baker – Falcons – 79 to 80 – Pass blocking left tackle who has the feet and head to be elite.

QB Matt Ryan – Falcons – 83 to 84 – Was extremely impressive firing the ball on a banged up Chicago secondary. Does not look like a rookie QB.

RT Tyson Clabo – Falcons – 78 to 80 – Has stepped in at RT and has neutralized opposing ends.

Player Ranking Down ....

CB Chris Houston – Falcons – 78 to 77 – Extremely raw still trying to play man coverage which is supposed to be his strength. Very similar to his speedy predecessor at corner at Arkansas – Ahmad Carroll.

All Players

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I know i hate when they do tht. They should have like a month refund rule. bring in ur receipt if u bought it within a month of the new price and get money back. I no it wont hapen. terrible business decision but would be nice for us

Why don't you just read online, it's always known when the prices are going to drop. Not to everyone, but to people online, there is plenty of info out there.

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