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Just got my phone call from Mike Smith


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Yea, got mine too. For some reason I got two of 'em.

Be carefull, what ever you do, don't think about Chris Farley when you hear or see Coach Smith. Just don't do it.

Also, have you ever seen Coach Mularkey and Kevin Costner at the same time? There's a reason for that.

Come on shines, put those pants back on.

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He called me too - he said he wasn't gonna make any predictions on the rest of the games (wink, wink) but that 3-0 in the dome is only the beginning, baby! He also told me he could hear my big mouth over everybody at the last game - and gave me a personal thanks - told me to be sure to be there for all the rest of the games. I promised I would be there representing as the Mouth of the South!

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shiney... are they doing the recorded calls again?
No.......It was live.....I could hear dogs barking and a lawn mower running int the background.....At one point, he muffled the phone, but you could hear him scream: "I'M ON THE PHONE HERE!!!"

Wow Shiney...I thought I was the only one who got the actual live call from Smitty this morning. After we finished talking about our wives and kids we talked about the offensive and defensive plans for the Philly game, the players he and TD have targeted in the 2009 draft and our concerns about your aversion to wearing pants...especially when you're in the Dome. :lol:

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He asks us to make it loud in the Dome........Also, he asked me to put pants on.....

Got mine too, I asked him some questions but he never replied, I understand that he is a busy man but it was kinda neat to get that call.

I suppose he won't be coming to dinner tonight either, well I tried. Even pre-recorded messages are appreciated, I wil be even louder for Coach Mike!

I love this new administration, from Mr Blank, TD, Coach Mike and especially the staff, namely the GREAT job Coach Boudreau has done!

The OLINE makes our offense click. Matt, Mike and jerious do the rest along with a much improved receiver corp. Coach Musgrave and Mike Mularky get a standing O from me.

Having a real receiver Coach, Coach Robiskie, completely validated our receivers.

Except for Sam Baker we have the same group of players, what a difference it makes to have real coaches. Our Olinemen could learn nothing from Petrino's squids.

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