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You would never guess who has the highest kick return average in a Falcons career....

Its Jerious Norwood ladies and gentlemen. At 26 yards/kick return Norwood shows just how explosive he is.

What makes it even more amazing is the fact he hasnt brought one back for a TD. He even bests Derrick Vaughn's 25.7 yards/return, and Vaughn had 4 KR TD's in 2 seasons.

Thats great and all, but why is this significant you ask?

Because you would never guess who has the 2nd lowest punt return average ever for a Falcon ever with 32 or more punt returns? Thats right, its Adam Jennings. He is 17th out of 18 guys on the Falcons EVER with 32 or more returns.

So what does this all mean?

That either Norwood is amazing and is making up for inept overall special teams(likely)...and we need a better spec teams coordinator OR

That Norwood is just playing within a solid scheme, and Jennings is absolute garbage at punt returns.

Either way, they are telling stats, because they have both been our primary returners at their respective spots for 2 seasons now.

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I think Norwood's problem is he likes to charge at the last guy sometimes. Like in the last game, if he stuck to the sideline I think he would've gone all the way, but he kinda slowed down to make a move on the guy and the guy hit him.

I like the fight though.

That guy ran him down and he had the angle. There was nothing Norwood could do except to to plow though after the contact.

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