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John Mullin


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Sorry folks, I tried to find the original thread, but it seems out admins have disabled the search function, at least temporarily. I also went through the first 15 pages of the forum it was in and it's no where to be found. I posted my original writing to Mr. Mullin, well this evening when I got home I had a response in my inbox. I believe that we got to him a bit, as his reply to me was rather comical, at least for me. Anyway, here's my original response to his article:

Mr. Mullin,

I poignantly read your column last week, and I must say, your creative writing

classes really paid off. The problem with creative writing is that it generally

requires one to be imaginative. You imagined several things in your column,

none of which proved to be true (just ask your players). You claimed to have

the better QB in Kyle Orton. Since when have the Bears ever had a quarterback

that has been superior to anyone's? Certainly you don't think that Kyle Orton,

the Alcoholics Anonymous MVP, is superior to Matty Ice.

Supposing, by your column of course, that you're a statistics hound, here's a number for you, zero.

What is the significance of that number you might ask? That zero signifies the

number of times Matt Ryan has been sacked in blitzing situations this season.

He remains the only QB in the league with that number in that particular stat

column. The fact is, Matt Ryan is the real deal, he has "it". That special

"it" that no quarterback in Chicago history has had. He's playing like a 10

year vet already, and it's only his rookie season. The kid is only going to get

better, so here's to playing your defense again soon.

The next point, Sam Baker. You said the following: "Sam Baker, going against

Alex Brown, the Bears' best all-around defensive lineman at the moment." Did

Brown even get onto the stat sheet? Sam Baker made him irrelevant. He had no

impact on Matty Ice's 300+ yard day.

The point of this letter is this Mr. Mullin, you were wrong entirely with your

prognostication. I'm not sure whether it was in fear of knowing how bad this Falcons team was supposed to be versus how good they actually

are, or what your imaginative prose was based upon. The fact of the matter is,

we dominated the game the entire day. Your players even said that you'd been

fortunate to even be in the game at the end. Your vaunted defense was dissected

like a 7th grade science project, not by an experienced, veteran quarterback.

It was picked apart all day long by a rookie. That, my friend, is vindication

enough for me. But the bittersweet thing about it is, you've not won a game yet

against an NFC South opponent. Chew on that piece of fat for a while. Good

luck with the remainder of your season.

And his response? In it's entirety (he was very brief). I laughed my *** off reading it. Hope you all don't mind this thread, as I tried to find the other and was unable to.

I'm not sure what you mean that 'you haven't won a game yet against an NFC South

opponent' - I have never played an NFC South opponent. I am also not your

friend. And your AA reference is beneath repugnant. Thanks for the note - now

please go away.


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