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Who got a Defend the dome figure at the game?

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Usually these things are handed out as soon as you walk in. I got there over an hour early as usual. I didn't know that you were suppose to get the majic yellow ticket. The fact that they did it at the end cluster bucked the exits. My 4 yr son who goes to the games was looking forward to possibly getting one since he wears his Abraham jersey since they advertised it earlier in that week. After an hour of winding down the ramps to get in line the very second I stood in line to get one for him, one of the cops all but grabbed me telling me to exit the building immediately giving me his best tough guy look. I understand blocking the flow but he didn't give me a chance to get out of the way either. My son asked me why we couldn't stand in line like 100's of other adults clamoring for free crap and I pointed right to the guy and said he said we can't get one and need to leave right now. Like I said I understand the concerns with the lines but what a Fkn D Bag. Anyways we left and as we are walking out of the Dom I couldn't help noticing all of these adults of various ages, who looked more like the "I got free company tickets so that is why I'm at the game" type and more than likely they were either going to stick it in the closet or e-bay it all the while carrying 3 and 4 at a time.

Sorry I know this wasn't the purpose of the thread, I rarely complain especially when it is free crap whether you pay 3k a year or nothing for Falcons tickets and gear but had to let that one out.

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I got 2 and went through complete **** to get them...

I was caught up in the crowd and literally started getting claustrophobic - it was awful - I finally made my way outside - I thought I was going to scream. I gave my ticket to this little boy standing outside because I couldn't go back into that. Luckily, my husband knew how much I wanted one and he stayed and went through **** to get me one. It took about 30 minutes I guess - and they eventually moved them all outside and had them line up at the doors - then moved them all to the right door and finally started letting them through. It was really a mess. They should have just given them out when you went in.

I'm very happy I got one, thanks to my hubby - but I think it's the worst handled fiasco I've ever seen there. I was ready to scream caught up in the middle of that crowd - it was hot - I couldn't breathe and people were shoving. What a mess.

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