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The reason for Dr. Z's hatred...


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Back in Mora's tenure, the FO fired Aaron Salkin (sp) who was the media relations guy and also a close personal friend of Dr. Z.

Mods, please correct me if my details are wrong on this. Dr. Z even mentioned this in his blog one day and chastised Arthur Blank and company for dumping his good friend. Ever since then, Dr. Z has been dumping on this team. Talk about holding a grudge.

We should all just ignore this tool because even when the Falcons do well, he has a "yeah, but..." comment to make about them. Screw him.

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Hahaha. We need to send Terence Moore to Chicago for that Chicago writer that picked the Falcons to win. :P

John Mullin.

The jacka** who sent me a reply e-mail and said that I must be off my meds.....

I actually kinda like that. I may not have taken my meds that day now that I think of it.

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