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Which DB would be the best FA pick up for the Falcons?


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I personanlly like Asomugha and Landry.


2009 NFL Free Agent Defensive Backs

By: Greg Davis

Nnamdi Asomugha, UFA, Oakland Raiders

Asomugha’s numbers don’t overwhelm other than his eight interceptions in ’06, but the big reason that he has only 217 career tackles and nine interceptions is because opponents attack the side of the field that Asomugha isn’t on. He has 40 passes defensed over the past three seasons and he’s one of the NFL’s best in coverage. He’s held some of the game’s best receivers in check in single coverage and when he becomes a free agent, he may command the most attention of the lot. Oakland will likely be unwilling to pay him the money he’ll be after, so look for Asomugha to be wearing something other than silver and black after this season.

Mike Brown, UFA, Chicago Bears

Brown has played in just 21 games over the past four seasons and the Bears miss his presence when he is on the field. In the ’05 season, when he last played in a majority of the Bears’ games, he had 72 tackles and three interceptions and had a solid season. He won’t be a highly coveted free agent because of the injury concerns that surround him, but someone will take a chance on him because he’ll be just 31 when next year rolls around.

Brian Dawkins, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles

Dawkins has been one of the better safeties in the league for some time now. He’s in his mid-thirties, but he will still be of interest to several teams because of his track record. He has had at least one interception in each year of his 12-year career, and he’s had only one during the two seasons he missed considerable time. As recently as two seasons ago, he had five forced fumbles, four picks, and 98 tackles. While he may not be quite the same player he once was when he becomes a free agent, he’ll probably still be a better option than many other safeties in the league. He’s played in Philadelphia his entire career and chances are it’ll stay that way.

Chris Gamble, UFA, Carolina Panthers

Gamble may not be the first player to come to mind when discussing top cornerbacks, but he has certainly strung together some really good seasons of play for the Panthers. He had six picks in his rookie season and followed it up with seven in ’05. He’s young, athletic, and has shown quality instincts for much of his early career. He is only 25, which will give teams an incentive to offer a long-term deal. It will be hard for Carolina to keep Gamble around if he has another strong season and isn’t signed to an extension before free agency.

Dawan Landry, RFA, Baltimore Ravens

It is difficult to imagine that the Ravens would let Landry get away considering he is young and has shown major potential during his first two seasons in the NFL. Landry, a safety, made a significant impact in his first year when he made 69 tackles and had five interceptions as well as three sacks. While his sacks and interceptions dropped in year two, he tallied 83 tackles, still making plays on the ball but just not coming up with turnovers. Landry is athletic and finds the ball well. It’s a safe bet that Baltimore wants to keep him around through his prime.

Dunta Robinson, UFA, Houston Texans

Robinson missed nearly half the season last year, but before he was injured he was being mentioned alongside the top corners in the league, even though he played for a struggling Texans team. An injury last season forced Robinson to miss a large portion of the season, but he still had a pair of picks. He made a name for himself in his rookie season when he made six interceptions, three sacks, and 88 tackles. Any team would like to have his services in their defensive backfield, and if Houston doesn’t start winning, Robinson could look for a change of scenery with a more successful franchise.

Other Defensive Backs

Tyron Brackenridge, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs

Mike Brown, UFA, Chicago Bears

Phillip Buchanon, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jabari Greer, UFA, Buffalo Bills

Rodney Harrison, UFA, New England Patriots

Kelvin Hayden, UFA, Indianapolis Colts

Renaldo Hill, UFA, Miami Dolphins

Daven Holly, UFA, Cleveland Browns

John Lynch, UFA, Denver Broncos

Bryant McFadden, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers

R.W. McQuarters, UFA, New York Giants

Justin Miller, UFA, New York Jets

Lawyer Milloy, UFA, Atlanta Falcons

Deltha O'Neal, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals

Jarrad Page, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs

Allen Rossum, UFA, San Francisco 49ers

Darren Sharper, UFA, Darren Sharper

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you always speak my language.

I try my best to please :) and if i had 6500 or so we would be talking a bit more for that 300Z. I miss my stealth TT and need another Twin Toy to play with. But for now i'll just have to enjoy the 89 GT i put all my money in lately. Plus the Raptor just went on the fritz so i gotta talk to a shop about it i think it's the timing chain loose making it jump in and out of timing.

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Better not take our Mike Brown. In my honest opinion he is the most underrated DB in the game today. He really is an impact player. Of the ones named... Landry probably is the most appealing due to his age, but Dawkins could be a good influence on a young secondary.

I wouldnt touch brown, great player, walking band-aid

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Jarrad Page would be the guy I wanted. Brown is better, but older and often injured. Page is young, and can bang like Lawyer.

Asomguha doesnt fit our scheme. he is a press man CB. He would be great in Green Bay, and could see them making a press for him.

Agreed. I'd like to see Page in our secondary.

I don't see why GB would bother with Asomguha. They already have Harris and Woodson. No use breaking up that pair for a guy that isn't even an upgrade.

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