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At the end of last season who could have imagined so many Patriot and Charger fans would be watching us so closely

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Character....one word that earns respect and fans nationwide. When a player from a certain college or pro team has charcter and has to leave his current team to go to another he brings alot of fans with him. Tell me how many of you felt good inside when you watched Schuab run the ball in during the closing seconds against Miami? When D-Hall left Atlanta after having played well(not elite but good) for the most part most of us were happy to see him go. Now why would we be happy to lose talented players such as Vick and Hall? The rest of the nation hated us in the past. Even while we were winning a few years ago, message board fans were called homers, rude, bad sports, and every other negative term you can think of. This year has been a nice change. We are the underdog and are being rooted for nationwide due to what we have been through. Even before this season analyst who thought we stunk still showed respect for the organization for trying to do the right thing. Right after the Bears game you could go on their message boards and they are talking about how classy the fans have been who visited their message boards.

Look up the article's on ESPN about Ryan or Turner. Boston fans are telling all of the nation I told you so because they respected Ryan and Dimitroff as players and people. Charger fans are ecstatic about what Turner is doing because of the class that he handled himself with all of those years behind LT. Of course half of that has to do with the fact that most of them got Turner as a steal in fanatasy football. :P Patriot and Charger fans all over the world are keeping a close eye on the Falcons because of the character players we have received from them. Our head coach keeps being referred to as a guy who "treats his players like men and respects them as men". Arthur Blank has preached character all along and hasn't brought in people with previous character flaws. Things happened while his players where Falcons but it wasn't do to lack of trying. With an owner like Blank who cares so much about his city as well as his team, I knew it would only be a matter of time. I've been a Falcon fan all of my life and I can't remember being prouder of our team. It's so much more fun to root for the good guys. I keep hearing WE instead of I or ME.

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