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Dash ranks the ten most relevant one-loss teams with help from Jeff Sagarin's ELO-Chess rating system.


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With five unbeatens going down last week, The Dash is all the more convinced that there will be, at most, one unbeaten team in the BCS conferences. Which means the one-loss teams remain prominently in the BCS National Championship Game mix.

In order, The Dash ranks the ten most relevant one-loss teams with help from Jeff Sagarin's ELO-Chess rating system:

Georgia (25). Where the Bulldogs stand: 10th in the AP poll, seventh in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: awful at halftime, but not bad by final margin, versus Alabama (No. 4 Sagarin). Best win: At South Carolina (No. 29 Sagarin). What lies ahead: the best remaining schedule of the 10 -- six teams in the Sagarin top 50, led by Georgia Tech (16th) and Florida (6th) -- which means plenty of opportunities to polish the power ratings by winning out. (The X factor for Georgia and most of the teams on this list is a potential conference championship game, ostensibly against an opponent that would help or at least maintain the computer power rankings.)

Oklahoma (26). Where the Sooners stand: fourth in the AP poll, fifth in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: not at all, versus Texas (No. 1 Sagarin) on a neutral field. Best win: TCU (No. 14 Sagarin). What lies ahead: meetings with high-powered unbeatens Texas Tech (11th) and Oklahoma State (9th), plus two other top-40 opponents. But Oklahoma needs Texas to lose twice to win the Big 12 South and advance to the Big 12 title game.

Ohio State (27). Where the Buckeyes stand: 12th in the AP poll, 15th in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: not bad, other than the margin, at USC (No. 13 Sagarin). Best win: Minnesota (No. 25 Sagarin). What lies ahead: The Buckeyes face three straight Sagarin top 15 opponents in Michigan State, Penn State and Northwestern. Believe it or not, the anchor game on their computer ratings is Michigan, which checks in at No. 105 Sagarin.

Virginia Tech (28). Where the Hokies stand: 17th in the AP poll, 12th in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: getting worse all the time, versus East Carolina (No. 64 Sagarin) on a neutral field. Best wins: over Georgia Tech (No. 16) and North Carolina (No. 19). What lies ahead: Five teams in the Sagarin top 53. The weak sister is Miami at No. 82.

Michigan State (29). Where the Spartans stand: 20th in the AP poll, 10th in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: getting better all the time, at California (No. 24 Sagarin) in the season opener. Best win: at Northwestern (No. 14). What lies ahead: Michigan State has major serve-notice opportunities this week against Ohio State and to end the season at Penn State. Nothing in between (Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue) will register well with the computers, but possibly with the voters.

USC (30). Where the Trojans stand: Living off reputation with the humans, they're sixth in the AP poll but only 13th in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: Oregon State is an OK team, but being dominated didn't help. Best win: wipeout of Ohio State (No. 15 Sagarin). What lies ahead: A horrible schedule. Only Cal, Notre Dame and Stanford are in the Sagarin top 45, but none is in the top 20. Games against UCLA, Washington and Washington State could torpedo the Trojans with the computers.

Missouri (31). Where the Tigers stand: 11th in the AP poll, 17th in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: not bad against unbeaten Oklahoma State (No. 3 Sagarin) but it happened at home. Best win: walloping of Nebraska (No. 39) in Lincoln. What lies ahead: a huge opportunity at Texas on Saturday, but then only two other top-50 opponents in Colorado (No. 50) and Kansas (No. 34).

Florida (32). Where the Gators stand: nobody is getting by on laundry more than Florida, which is 5th in the AP poll and 26th in the Sagarin Ratings after crushing LSU. How bad was the loss: very bad, at home to Mississippi (No. 52). Best win: wipeout of LSU (No. 38). What lies ahead: five opponents in the top 45, including Georgia in the Cocktail Party game Nov. 1. But a late date with The Citadel will hurt the power ratings.

California (33). Where the Golden Bears stand: 25th in the AP poll, 24th in the Sagarin Ratings. How bad was the loss: ugly, at schizophrenic Maryland (No. 53 Sagarin). Best win: over Michigan State (No. 10) in Berkeley. What lies ahead: a big chance at USC, plus three top-45 opponents. But Cal has a long way to make up in the polls.

Georgia Tech (34). Where the Yellow Jackets stand: receiving votes in the AP poll, 16th in the Sagarin Ratings. They're the converse of Florida. How bad was the loss: by three points at Virginia Tech, not bad at all. Best win: shutout of Duke (No. 20) Oct. 4th. What lies ahead: good serve-notice opportunities against Georgia, Florida State and whatever is left of Clemson.

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nothing fishy about it.. right now gt plays uga which is better than anyone team on unc's schedule and that's the point.. it's about the strength of the upcoming schedule and which team who wins out will have the best chance to make it to the championship game..

When UNC beats GT that puts them out of the picture ;) j/k Our schedule is kinda soft this year :(

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I'm truly worried about our game this weekend. UVA has been playing ok as of late and i hope we don't get caught overlooking.

this uva team got buried by duke and they upset maryland because maryland didn't respect uva.. they aren't very good, but if you don't respect your opponent you can lose to anyone.

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