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Ask Matty Ice a Question


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So far this season, I have yet to see you make the same mistake more than once. Is it possible to teach that to Chris Houston? Please..... [-16 votes

:lol: :lol:

Where do you go to get Popeye's Chicken where you are here in Atlanta? [-13 votes]
Do you have the gum disease quite commonly known as "gingivitis"? [-16 votes]


Whoever says "Matty Ice" should be shot, do you think so too? [-4 votes]
What do you think about Baba Booey's teeth? [-4 votes]
Do you think ATL-75 is a tool and a fan of another team? [-4 votes]


What is the worst Christmas present you have recieved? [-2 votes]
Is Adam Jones a failure at life? [-2 votes]

Man these are hilarious.

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