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The NFL Is A Cold, Heartless,

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female dog. Man after two days of thinking Sunday was a dream and the Bears' were still bout to play and then suddenly realizing that that game happened, I can't believe that old Neckbear finally threw a TD with 11 seconds left that was a beautiful pass to Davis who actually caught it and we were up. I know all day we sucked. Couldn't stop Joe Montana for anything and still had come back. But only for Montana to do what he does so well and hit a 25 yard curl to set up a FG with 1 second left. I mean that was Joe Montana right, it wasn't some rookie who did that? Not in the NFL, not aganist a good defense [who was banged up with Tillman leaving at half and Vasher out], that never really blitzed him, who was only starting his 6th game out of Boston College, not Notre Dame. And then the same thing to happen to about 5 other's on the same day. This was supposed to be Columbus Day weekend, not Nightmare on Elm St. This had to be top in the 2 losses that I have seen in 20 years of Bears' football. I just don't get how we lose that game

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hehe yeah man it is hard to stay grounded with Ryan at QB

I guess we all need to keep reminding ourselves he is still a rookie because he sure doesn't look like one anymore. It will be very interesting to measure his progress against the Bucs and Panthers when they come to our dome. He really struggled against those two, and the Bucs in particular have a way of destroying our QB play. Vick had more trouble with Tampa than any other team in the NFL. If we are going to have long term success in the NFL South, Ryan will have to learn to beat the Bucs.

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