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Congratulations Falcon Fans! Your team is headed in the right direction. The Falcons completely dominated the Bears in every aspect of the game (except for maybe rushing offense which was a wash) and they deserved to win. I havent seen the Bears dominated in every aspect of the game since the Monday Night lost to Dallas in 2007 and the loss to Pittsburgh in 2005. You guys have a great quarterback and am happy for Falcon Fans who Ive grown to love on these message boards the past 6 years.

I was supposed to make it to this game but I am glad I didnt now knowing what did happen! I did hear from a few friends of mine that the Bears represented well and filled about 25-30% of the stadium.

I have a feeling that these 2 teams will meet in the playoffs....hopefully at soldier field!

sweetness ( I am atrain from the old boards...how do I get my post count back so that I can post in the Pure Football Forum)

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Well thank you for the extremely kind words, but I wouldn't say we dominated the Bears. Yes we had the lead for most of the game, and a very large lead in time of possession in the first half. But the Bears came roaring back in the second half, and really showed some offensive explosion in the passing game. Orton was impressive in the second half, and you can see why everyone is high on Forte. He is going to put up big numbers in the NFL. Your run defense totally shut down our running game. I really think you guys will win your division, but I am not sure about us really. Tampa and Carolina look VERY good this year, and the Saints always play us hard every year with the winner usually determined by a very small margin.

I doubt you can get your post count or old name back. When they redid our boards many of us lost our old names and post counts. You can try sending the moderator a request, but I have tried a half dozen times and never get any help. I lost my old name (FalconFanForever), and posts as well.

Good Luck the rest of the season, and hope you guys are in the playoffs. I hope we can make it as well. :P

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