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The Way I See It...

Magic Man

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This weekend, I thought we as Falcon's fans were in for another letdown. The Falcons dominated every aspect of the game, but our defense let them hang in there until the final seconds, and my heart sank as I saw Orton loft up the TD to put them up 20-19. I remembered countless times, over the years, that the Falcons had broken our hearts. The times that we had gotten so close to winning, just to watch someone snatch it from us. I could hear the announcers proclaiming that there was 11 seconds left, and anything could happen, but in my gut, I just knew that the game was over.

Me and my wife had been arguing on Sunday, about whether, since I'd gotten all of Sat. to watch college football, that I should be allowed to watch the Falcons, but I did not waiver, and as such, when Orton, pulled his Montana-like drive, and brought the Bears back, I did not turn the television, and everyone now knows the rest of this part of the story, but that wasn't all that happened.

After we beat KC, everone said, "but they can't beat GB, in GB." After we won there, everyone said, "but they'll never be able to beat Chicago. With Forte and the way Orton's playing, this is practically a bye for Chicago"...Now here we sit at 4-2. There were still, up until Sunday people on this board questioning Matt Ryan's abilities, and questioning his ability to lead this franchise, based on the lack of 200+ yard games. Now we see, that it is not Ryan, or Turner, or Smith, or TD, or Blank...it is the Falcons. Long have we waited for something to cheer for, and something to tell friends and co-workers "did you see the Falcons game" and not be touting it, just due to the performance of one player. In my mind...it's not about former players or proving that you did or did not call who would or would not be the bust of boom you thought they would be...it's about the Falcons, and us finally having the pieces to move forward and create a successful team........

Magic Man

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