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Bears Fan here bout the game

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matt ryan did a very good job. The game plan was perfect to go up against what the bears had planned. although at the end both of our defenses kinda took a crap it was fun to watch. I dont really care much for the time clock issue even though you can see it on videos every where that the clock wasnt starting very accuratly. even if!!! the bears defense should not have allowed that so either way im pretty confident the bears will win our bull crap division and you guys definately have a chance if your QB plays like that. The saints are good but geez that viking game was rediculous and tampa will run out of luck god i hate them and the panthers. we lost to everyone in the nfc south by less than a touchdown each time. Well I wish you guys luck and maybe well see each other in the playoffs. GOOD LUCK!!

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LOL ya there are some bears fans on the message board talking getting rid of urlacher and a bunch of crazy crap. alot of wack jobs. but im sure you guys got some of those on here also

We do.

Glad you posted, because the dislike of Bears fans here grew stronger, since some only registered to talk trash. Glad that there's a different kind too. Good luck for the rest of the season.

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This is the moment right before the snap. The video time reads 3:39


This is the moment of the snap, the video time has just changed to 3:40


Here Jenkins has already gone out of bounds, and is well out of bounds and the video time still reads 3:44. In fact, you can see that the game clock still reads 2 seconds.


So the play started at 3:40 into the video and ended at 3:44. Even if you're generous to the Bears fans and start the play at 3:39 it's still just 5 seconds, which the last time I checked is within 6 seconds.

If anyone still isn't convinced, break out the stopwatch and time it yourself. Here's the video:


Bears fans love to point out that the game clock started late, but conveniently ignore the fact that the clock ticked from 2 to 1 after the play was already over. There is no way to spin this in the Bears favor. It is a scientific fact that the play took less than 6 seconds.

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Regarding the clock issue, check out this video for clarification on the rules (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmeHoZHLBoA).

Also, here are the official NFL rules on timing that back up the video (http://www.nfl.com/rulebook/timing).

Basically, both of these say that the only clock that matters is the stadium clock and not the clock shown on TV by the TV network. So, for all those Bears fans and anyone else complaining that the clock lost you the game, think again and check the rules!!

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Somehow I just knew last week that the Bears would have to start coming up with excuses if they ended up losing on Sunday. If the Falcons had lost, the Bears fans would have been here rubbing it in our faces, even though it wouldn't have surprised ANYONE if the Falcons did lose to a team that was just in the Super Bowl 2 seasons ago. I had a great game day experience watching the game at the Dome with the Bears fans in my section.. I'm really glad none of those sitting near me were like those whining on the message boards about the clock issue. I guess this is what happens when you beat teams you're not supposed to beat in the NFL, the "superior' team has to find excuses for why the game was taken away from them.

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Well if we can all just move beyond our homerism on both sides, I think any NFL football fan can agree that we had one of the most exciting games you can play in the NFL.

Chicago has a great team, and should win their division. I know it is painful to lose so many game by such a close margin. Sometimes fate just deals you a bad deck of cards, but I bet they start winning some of those close ones also before the season is over.

The Falcons have a tough road ahead with our division looking very tough this year. We really have an uphill battle against all our division opponents, so not sure where we end up. But I just want to see up continue playing good football.

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