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Brain Urlacher


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If anyone has this game recorded go to where they had Brain U on the sideline and read his lips he said something like "hes throwing all over us and this is his first year"

Just for Urlacher to say hes a good QB at the end of the game is good enough for me. I have the game DVRed I'm not going to go thru the whole thing.

I did like these comments below from Lovie Smith.

Even the normally stoic Lovie Smith seemed discombobulated, stumbling over a few cliches and then acknowledging the loss was "tough, tough."

He added:

"I wish I could give you a couple more words to really show you how bad it really is," Smith said. "I can't. That's life. You have setbacks like this, but this one hurts. We had victory right there within our grasp but we couldn't pull it out."There will be those who suggest the Bears were fortunate to have been in a position to win, noting their 19-10 deficit midway through the fourth quarter. Linebacker Lance Briggs provided a voice to that sentiment, admitting: "The way the game worked out, we almost really kind of snuck away with one."

Not sure about you, but I'm still having a hard time believing they didn't.


:P :P

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